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Want to test a cargo bike and receive coaching to get started with no hassle ?

From the spring of 2021 onwards, residents of the Brussels Region can rent an electric cargo bike or longtail bike free of charge for two weeks from Pro Velo.

Good to know: you can measure your exposure to air pollution during these two weeks. That’s really useful information for yourself and Brussels Environment.

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Please include your place of residence. The 19 municipalities will each be participating in Cairgo Bike in turn, between now and 2023.

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I’m a professional

Do you want to travel around Brussels for your work by cargo bike, avoiding traffic jams and reaching your customers more quickly? Do you need advice and training for a pilot project at your company or to start up your professional activity with a bike? Are you looking for alternative solutions for that last mile ?

The cycle logistics cooperative urbike coaches hundreds of Brussels-based professionals in both the public and private sectors in their transition to cargo bikes, irrespective of their sector or the size of their organisation. urbike organises test sessions and training, and gives advice on the use of cargo bikes and trailers.

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I’m a professional

Around 50% of journeys for business purposes can be made on a cargo bike. Why not yours?

As part of the Cairgo Bike project, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises located in the Brussels Capital Region that want to buy a cargo bike or a bike trailer can benefit from the Cairgo Bike purchasing grant. Under certain conditions, you can receive up to € 4,000 for the purchase of a cargo bike or bike trailer. Each company can benefit from support of up to €12,000 per calendar year and cumulative support of €20,000 over the period of the Cairgo Bike project, which ends on 30 June 2023.

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Municipal grants

Several Brussels municipalities offer grants for the purchase of a cargo bike or electric cargo bike. These municipalities include Jette, Berchem-Sainte-Agathe, Ganshoren and Uccle. For more information, see your municipal website.

Bruxell’air grant

If you get your number plate cancelled, you will be offered a MIVB/STIB pass or a bicycle grant and a Cambio Start subscription.

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The company is expanding its fleet of shared vehicles to include 15 electric cargo bikes. In October 2021, Cambio Brussels will be installing 5 charging stations with 3 electric cargo bikes each.

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The first ‘bike trailer library’ in Brussels! Remorquable is creating a fleet of shared trailers. From June 2021 onwards, there will be 20 new trailers available from about ten lending centres; you can rent them for 24 hours (or longer) for an affordable price. The trailers are made at the Tournevie workshops (the tool library). Members can choose the subscription formula that best suits their financial situation. 50 trailers will be available from about fifteen lending centres by June 2023.

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Pro Velo

Pro Velo hire out cargo bikes for families and goods transport.

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Cyclo hire out cargo bikes for families and goods transport.

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Cozywheels offers a way to share a cargo bike with your neighbours.

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Monkey Donkey

Cargo bikes for hire near you.

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A cargo bike is more cumbersome than a traditional bike – and more expensive as well. Many people have not yet bought or used a cargo bike because they are experiencing certain barriers, such as not enough space indoors (at home, at work), fear of theft and damage, obstacles on public roads...

The Cairgo Bike programme is intended to make the lives of users and future users easier. One of the solutions is to build secure bicycle stands for cargo bikes. currently offers hundreds of secure bicycle stands. is extending its range and building 15 cargo bikes parks (150 spaces) that you can find on the platform. also works in partnership with Cambio and integrates the shared cargo bikes available into its specific bike stands. What is more, there is a partnership with BePark, which also offers parking spaces for cargo bikes on private land.

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The private car park operator is building 20 bicycle parks (150 spaces) designed to park cargo bikes safely. 
These cargo bike pars are not on public roads but in private car parks. The user has a separate entrance that can be accessed digitally with a smartphone.

BePark’s goals :

  • To ensure that public space is burdened no more heavily than it already is.
  • Not to build new constructions but to optimise existing ones, which involves reflection and ultimately conversion of the existing space.
  • To offer extra security to cargo bike owners.
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Cairgo Bike includes a large-scale campaign to measure exposure to air pollution, an evaluation of the positive impact of using cargo bikes on the city and an evaluation of acceptance by users. These measurements and evaluations will be conducted by Brussels Environment and the VUB-MOBI research group.

Brussels Environment

The role of Brussels Environment

  • Distribute air quality meters.
  • Gather information about the trips that participants (citizens and companies) make and their exposure to air pollution.
  • Draw up individual reports for the citizens and conduct a general, statistical study based on all the results.
  • Cooperate with citizens’ associations to make them more aware of air quality and the link with road transport, based on the study conducted.

Scientific approach: a comparison of the extent of exposure to black carbon by users of various modes of transport, specifically motor vehicles and cargo bikes. The comparative study will also be conducted in different neighbourhoods and at different times of the day (evaluation of the impact of traffic density). 

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An analysis of the external costs will evaluate the impact on the city of using cargo bikes, specifically the negative consequences that road traffic causes in this case that is borne by society, not by the user personally. To what extent does the use of a cargo bike instead of a car or van contribute to a reduction of these costs paid by society? 

MOBI will use its external cost calculator to evaluate the impact of cargo bikes on air quality, climate change, noise pollution, life expectancy, traffic jams and accidents. MOBI will compare trips when the participants are testing a cargo bike from urbike or Pro Velo to their normal trips without a cargo bike. The results should then show the extent to which the cargo bike influences the different external effects of travel.

The research group will set up a support base measurement for cargo bikes, with the aim of understanding and analysing the motivations for and barriers to using one. The recommendations for government policy will then be formulated according to the UTAUT model (Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology).

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Cargo bike: 20 good reasons  

Safer streets, healthier air and quieter traffic thanks to a mode of transport that is practical, affordable and saves time... If enough people start using cargo bikes, they have the potential to transform public space and have a positive influence on our quality of life. That vision is within reach if we consider that 75% of private trips in Brussels are perfectly suitable for a cargo bike. Not convinced yet ?

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